How to Hack In-App Purchase in Lucky Patcher

How to Use Custom Patch in Lucky Patcher?

People (basically crackers) can submit their custom patches for many popular applications to the team or Lucky Patcher. Then, the team of Lucky Patcher added those patches in their application. Such as, you have installed Candy Crush Saga application in your Android device, then you can get infinite moves with the custom patch available in Lucky Patcher application. Following below is the guide to use or activate custom patch for your favorite application.

1.  Open up the Lucky Patcher Application.

2.  Tap on application where you want to use custom patch.

3.  Choose   Open Menu or Patches  option.

4.  Tap on  Custom Patch  option.

If the option for Custom Patch is not available in the menu then it is not available for that particular application.

5.  Now, tap on any of the available Custom Patch according to your requirements.

How to Remove Google Ads from Apps with Lucky Patcher?

There are two options available to get rid of advertisement from Android applications using Lucky Patcher.

  •  Patch to remove Google Ads:  This option will modify the application and remove each and every advertisement code from the application. It is best to use, but you can not apply it as it will no longer works.
  • Disable Ad Activities:  It is the best available option to remove advertisement. But, it really does not remove advertisement. It just disable the advertisement codes. However, sometimes you will just see the space of advertisement.

Follow the following guide to remove or disable Google advertisement from the applications using Lucky Patcher.

1.  Open up the Lucky Patcher Application.

2.  Tap on application where you want to remove advertisement.

3.  Choose   Open Menu or Patches  option.

4.  Tap on  Remove Google Ads  option.

5.  Now, two options will comes. I already tell you enough about those options above.

How to Hide Root from Apps that Detect Root? [Android]

How to Clone any App using Lucky Patcher?

lucky patcher download old version

Cloning is another best feature of Lucky Patcher. You can clone almost any Android application and make as many copies as you want. You can clone games to login from two different account. Simply, you can multiply applications and games. Follow the following guide to clone applications using Lucky Patcher.

1.  Open up the Lucky Patcher Application.

2.  Select application to make a clone.

3.  Choose   Tools  option.

4.  Tap on   Clone application  option.

5.  Then select further options according to your needs.

6.  Finally, tap on  Clone  button.

More Features and Tools

There are plenty of feature and tools available in Lucky Patcher application. However, you have to find them yourself as I can not expand this article further. But, if you want to know about other tools and features of Lucky Patcher, and you want that I write another article on them, comment down below. Following is the list of those cool features and tools or Lucky Patcher.

  • Remove License Verification
  • Change the components of the application
  • Create a modified file of the application
  • Manual Patcher
  • Remove Saved Purchases
  • Disable or freeze packages
  • Move or transfer application from SD card to system or vise versa.
  • Make a Backup of the application.
  • ODEX the application.
  • Share application.
  • Clear Data of the application.

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How Lucky Patcher Actually Works?

It uses Dominik hack method to redirect license / billing to Lucky Patcher and send random data with (Integer value = 0 means licensed / in app) to the application and RSA Verification should be patched in System / App because the data sent is random. RSA algorithm works for encryption and decryption purposes


Why Lucky Patcher Shows Different Colors for Apps?

If you open the Lucky Patcher then it will show different colors for applications. This is also a very useful feature of Lucky Patcher for all of us. It shows various colors according to the applicability of applications. Such as:

  • Green:  It means the application can be registered and disconnected from Google Play Services.
  • Yellow:  Yellow means the custom patches are available for the application.
  • Blue:  It means the application contain advertisement.
  • Purple:  It means the application works at the backend with system startup.
  • Orange:  It means that the application is the in-built system application. (Do not play with it)
  • Red:  It means that the application can not be modified.